Glaucoma is an eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated properly. Glaucoma consists of increased eye pressure, optic nerve damage, and decreased visual fields.

Follow-up of glaucomatous patients should be rigorous, with scheduled visits to their physician. Measurement of ocular pressure, campimetry (visual field measurement) and eye examination should be performed at these visits;

Some glaucomas are resistant to eye drops and surgery is required.

Trabeculectomy is the standard surgery in the treatment of glaucoma not responsive to drug treatment. It consists of the formation of a fistula (passage) from the previous chamber to the subconjunctival space, thus decreasing the pressure.

In cases in which trabeculectomy can not be performed, the implantation of a valve tube (type Ahmed) is necessary.

The Clinic has also performed the trans-scleral laser-diode cycle-photocoagulation technique for the treatment of refractory or low-vision glaucomas.

 For any additional information, talk to your doctor and carefully read the informed consent you receive in the preoperative period.